Our Cold Brew Coffee

Junius Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate is handcrafted in small batches of 100 bottles.  16 hours of brewing produces a smooth, flavorful coffee with 70% less acidity than a hot brew.  Because of the lower acidity you are able to taste more of the flavors of the roast of each of our cold brews.

Junius and Rotating Brews

Junius is a reference to the Roman calendar and the owner’s grandfather.  We brew our signature brew throughout the year and collaboration cold brew a new specialty coffee each month with roasting partners around the country.

See how our collaboration-brewing calendar unfolds in our brew history, with tasting notes for our batches.  Our signature brew, Rising Sun, is slightly nutty with notes of chocolate and fruit.  Taste the difference of our specialty cold brew coffees each month.  Both are available through our online purchasing and subscriptions in limited quantities.


We believe in the power of local businesses in building community.  We take pride in our roasting partners and coffee growers.  We choose great people to work with and use only 100% organic, Fair Trade beans.  As we like to say: It’s local (somewhere).

Our Beginnings

We discovered our bean of choice from a brew of another kind, a collaboration beer between DC Brau and Ska Brewing.  Their Taster’s Choice Dopplebock Style Lager featured a coffee infusion blend from Desert Sun Coffee Roasters and Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company.  We happend to like the lager and got a few coffee beans passed down.  This was the beginning of our testing of cold brew recipes, using a wide variety of roasts.  It turns out our first roast was the keeper for our signature brew, Rising Sun.  The rest is history in the making.

More About the Flavors of Cold Brew Coffee

What does 70% less acidity than hot brewed coffee mean?  When a coffee bean or roast is heated in the brewing process it releases acids that become a part of the resulting coffee.  Scientifically, acidity acts to block your taste buds.  We’ve grown to love our coffee this way, and often roasters take this into account when creating their coffees.  Cold brewed coffee is made with cold or room temperature water.  Never being heated, those acids are not released into a cold brew coffee.  That is what we love about this process!  A cold brew coffee brings more of the flavor profile of a particular roast to your cup.  Sometimes this is a real winner, like our Rising Sun blend.  Other times a roast is better off making you a delicous hot brew.  It’s a fun exploration.  We promise we’ll only bottle the good ones for you to enjoy!