Our Coffee

Our Beginnings

Junius founder June Blanks tasted cold brew coffee one time in Houston, TX, decided on the spot to open a cold brew company, and opened DC’s first cold brew company a few months later. We’ve been bringing our delicious, signature cold brew to DC since 2013 and one thing is always clear – getting to serve coffee directly to people and sharing in their appreciation for how good it is remains our favorite part of the day.

Going Hot

After 4 years of getting cold brew out to the DC community through restaurants, tech offices and grocers, we decided it was time to start bringing coffee directly to you as well. Our winter-2017 launch at Yang Market presented the perfect opportunity to showcase some awesome roasts as hot coffee options and bring some classically delicious coffee to pair with Yang Market’s award winning sandwiches and newly launched breakfast line of bagels and fresh, whipped cream cheeses.  Simple at it’s best.  We’ll be keeping it simple and delicious until our next big announcement unfolds.

Warm People / Community

We believe in the power of local businesses in building community.  We’re here in hopes that our service and a cup of coffee puts a smile on your face.

We take pride in our roasting partners and coffee growers, and use only 100% organic, Fair Trade beans, knowing the small farms and farmers are building a more sustainable model for coffee growing and that your cup of coffee is only full of good stuff.   Just one more reason to smile.


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