Our Coffee

Our Beginnings

Junius founder June Blanks tasted cold brew coffee one time in Houston, TX, decided on the spot to open a cold brew company, and opened DC’s first cold brew company a few months later. We’ve been bringing our delicious, signature cold brew to DC since 2013 and one thing is always clear – getting to serve coffee directly to people and sharing in their appreciation for how good it is remains our favorite part of the day.


Warm People / Community

We believe in the power of local businesses in building community.  We’re here in hopes that our service and a glass of cold brew coffee puts a smile on your face.

We take pride in our roasting partners and coffee growers, and use only 100% organic, Fair Trade beans, knowing the small farms and farmers are building a more sustainable model for coffee growing and that your cup of coffee is only full of good stuff.   Just one more reason to smile.


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