DRIVER #4 Featuring Wanderlust Coffee Roasters

Winter has blown by and we’ve just launched our 4th limited-edition cold brew coffee under the DRIVER label!  A delicious brew with notes of tangerine is the perfect nod to in season citrus.  This Kenyan single-origin also has tart notes of raspberry.  It is a rather excellent showcase of a great fitting roast for cold brew.

We are proud to have our first collaboration with Wanderlust Coffee Roasters, a new DC roaster that we are lucky to share space with at the Mess Hall culinary incubator in Brookland.  This small scale cold brew production, for subscribers only for February, is just a tasty test run for a larger Junius + Wanderlust limited edition cold brew to be released for Spring/Summer.

P.S. Enjoy your cold brew heated up while you can (and want to) for a super smooth hot cup of coffee.  We recommend heating it on the stove to just below boiling and pouring it into your mug (it stays nice and hot much longer than if microwaved).  My current household favorite is to use 1/2 serving cold brew and 1/4 serving water brought to temperature on the stove, and then add 1/4 serving frothed milk for a nice cold brew style latte.  A little sugar, agave, or honey in the winter doesn’t hurt either.  Enjoy!

Get into Gear with DRIVER

Our new addition to the lineup is here! DRIVER is our  monthly rotating brew featuring different roasters and changing flavor profiles to keep you shifting gears and enjoying new great tastes in our cold brew coffee series.  Grab these limited edition cold brews while they last!

Our first rotating brew is a single origin, light roast from Bolivia. It has a wonderfully different flavor profile from Rising Sun, coming across very bright from berry notes, hints of lemon peel, and a dark chocolate finish.  It also has a big caramel whiff on the nose.

You can find the flavor notes circled on the left side of the DRIVER bottle label and this feature will show you the changing flavor profile of our featured limited-edition brew as it changes each month.

We are proud to feature Desert Sun Coffee Roasters for October.  Our 3rd limited edition brew, past collaborators have included Zeke’s Coffee of DC and M.E. Swing Co.


The Perfect Winter Cold Brew Coffee

By the Fire

By the Fire marks our second limited edition brew.  For November and December we have partnered with M.E. Swing Co. to bring you an incredible single-origin Nicaraguan roast that not only makes a wonderful brew, it also has a great backstory.

What makes a perfect winter cold brew coffee for us?  It’s incredibly delicious when enjoyed hot or cold and has flavor notes of caramel, orange and spice that make it impossible to not think of pairing it with all of the season’s pies and breakfasts that remind you of home.

Partnering with M.E. Swing Co. is an honor.  Swing’s coffee roasting is a DC establishment that began in 1916; they are incredibly honed roasters and run two great coffee shops – one near the White House and one in Del Ray.  We are very lucky to have been offered the use of their roast of the Nicaragua Los Papales bean, a bean that they had to wait three years to get.

Los Papales is a repeat winner of the Cup of Excellence award.  Coming from the higher altitudes of Nicaragua, the elevation produces a harder bean, which results in a more complex and nuanced cup.  While we say it has notes of caramel, orange and spice, you can also taste some apple, honey, and creaminess to the coffee.

Another reason we are pleased to work with M.E. Swing and use this particular roast is that it falls within to company’s Home Grown Buying Initiative.  Specifically this is Swing’s commitment to family farms, sustainable practices, re-investment in quality and community, transparent supply chains, and fostering long term relationships.  Sourced through Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, the specific relationship supports social projects such as microcredits to female producers, provision of textbooks to the Las Nubes School, and the providing of technical assistance from farming to milling to increase the quality of coffees.

Everything that went into making this cold brew makes us thankful in the value of personal relationships.  Happy winter!  We hope your time with family and friends adds even more light to the season.

Limited Release Inaugural Specialty Brew

Royal Limited Label

Royal Limited

Our first specialty brew is a fitting partnership with Zeke’s Coffee as they prepare for their first Washington DC store opening.  The Junius Royal Limited Brew features Zeke’s Royal Blue roast, named after the first passenger train between NY and DC.  It’s a powerhouse of a brew, distinctly different in flavor from our signature brew.

Royal Limited is smooth, earthy, smoky, and full bodied.  A dark medium roast, the Royal Blue blend combines Indonesian, South American, and Central American Blends – all organic and Fair Trade.

With its stronger flavor, Royal Limited is a great comparison to Rising Sun and it’s bold power is the perfect transition to the Fall.

If you’ve only been icing your Junius, be sure you heat up a cup of the Royal Limited or Rising Sun to check out the awesomeness of cold pressed coffee as a hot cup.  Heating cold brew after the brewing has occurred retains the smoother, flavor packed taste that the cold brew process produces.  You can heat up on the stove or in the microwave.

The Junius Logo

The Junius Logo

Junius is a reference to the Roman calendar and the owner’s grandfather.  We produce our signature brew thoughout the year and collaboration brew a new specialty cold brew coffee each month with a new roasting partner.

Here in our Brew History you will be able to see all of our brew graphics, inspiration, and flavor notes for every Junius Cold Brew we ever make.  We hope you enjoy and get to taste many of them!

We love our logo!  Each specialty brew logo will take on a color scheme and graphic of it’s own on the bottles.  The month that the specialilty brew was created will be identified on the logo’s outer dial like a calendar.

Finding new roasting partners and new roasts that make stellar cold brew coffees is one of our favorite parts of the job.  We love giving a nod to our partners in the logo design.  We often incorporate a re-envisioning of their logo into ours and have fun naming our collaboration brews.

Colliding with Roman History:  The inner-workings of the Roman calendars were lunar.  Their system was a little less fixed than ours.  The new month began when the lunar crescent was observed in the west after sunset.  The word calendar comes from kalendae, the first day of the month or of the new moon.  At some point of history dates of months ceased to be connected with lunar phases, but it is unknown when it happened.  Junius (or lunius) was originally the forth month and was named after the Roman goddess Juno.  We looked up a couple of recipes for something called a “Roman coffee” and highly recommend giving one a try.  We particularly liked the “Roman Rasta Coffee” suggestion of an ounce of sambuca and an ounce of dark rum in your hot coffee, freely topped with whipped cream, and recommend that you drink this to a rising moon.  Check out Refinery 29’s Roman Rasta.

This brings us to an important note.  Enjoy your coffee however you like it!

Signature Cold Brew Launch

Rising Sun Cold Brew Coffee Label

Rising Sun

We discovered our signature cold brew bean of choice from a brew of another kind, a collaboration beer between DC Brau and Ska Brewing.  Their Taster’s Choice Dopplebock Style Lager featured a coffee infusion blend from Desert Sun Coffee Roasters and Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company.  We happened to like it, get a few beans passed down, and the rest is history in the making.

Desert Sun is the kind of company we love to work with.  First of all, they’re great people.  They also only use Certified Organic and Fair Trade coffees to create their roasts.  We know the beans that create our signature cold brew have been cared for from the land, the farmer, and Desert Sun’s fantastic roasters.

Our signature cold brew is dark and very smooth.  A blend of 5 roasts ranging from light to dark, the coffee has hints of chocolate and fruit, and a subtle nuttiness.  It’s very easy to drink!

We recommend you try it whichever way sounds good to you.  While brewed cold, coffee concentrates can be enjoyed hot or cold.

To enoy hot:  Simply heat over the stove or in the microwave and add your preferred ingredients.  We recommend that you cut the concentrate 1:1 with water or your choice of milk.

To enjoy cold: Pour over ice, add an equal ammount of water or your choice of milk, and enjoy!