DRIVER #4 Featuring Wanderlust Coffee Roasters

Winter has blown by and we’ve just launched our 4th limited-edition cold brew coffee under the DRIVER label!  A delicious brew with notes of tangerine is the perfect nod to in season citrus.  This Kenyan single-origin also has tart notes of raspberry.  It is a rather excellent showcase of a great fitting roast for cold brew.

We are proud to have our first collaboration with Wanderlust Coffee Roasters, a new DC roaster that we are lucky to share space with at the Mess Hall culinary incubator in Brookland.  This small scale cold brew production, for subscribers only for February, is just a tasty test run for a larger Junius + Wanderlust limited edition cold brew to be released for Spring/Summer.

P.S. Enjoy your cold brew heated up while you can (and want to) for a super smooth hot cup of coffee.  We recommend heating it on the stove to just below boiling and pouring it into your mug (it stays nice and hot much longer than if microwaved).  My current household favorite is to use 1/2 serving cold brew and 1/4 serving water brought to temperature on the stove, and then add 1/4 serving frothed milk for a nice cold brew style latte.  A little sugar, agave, or honey in the winter doesn’t hurt either.  Enjoy!

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