The Junius Logo

The Junius Logo

Junius is a reference to the Roman calendar and the owner’s grandfather.  We produce our signature brew thoughout the year and collaboration brew a new specialty cold brew coffee each month with a new roasting partner.

Here in our Brew History you will be able to see all of our brew graphics, inspiration, and flavor notes for every Junius Cold Brew we ever make.  We hope you enjoy and get to taste many of them!

We love our logo!  Each specialty brew logo will take on a color scheme and graphic of it’s own on the bottles.  The month that the specialilty brew was created will be identified on the logo’s outer dial like a calendar.

Finding new roasting partners and new roasts that make stellar cold brew coffees is one of our favorite parts of the job.  We love giving a nod to our partners in the logo design.  We often incorporate a re-envisioning of their logo into ours and have fun naming our collaboration brews.

Colliding with Roman History:  The inner-workings of the Roman calendars were lunar.  Their system was a little less fixed than ours.  The new month began when the lunar crescent was observed in the west after sunset.  The word calendar comes from kalendae, the first day of the month or of the new moon.  At some point of history dates of months ceased to be connected with lunar phases, but it is unknown when it happened.  Junius (or lunius) was originally the forth month and was named after the Roman goddess Juno.  We looked up a couple of recipes for something called a “Roman coffee” and highly recommend giving one a try.  We particularly liked the “Roman Rasta Coffee” suggestion of an ounce of sambuca and an ounce of dark rum in your hot coffee, freely topped with whipped cream, and recommend that you drink this to a rising moon.  Check out Refinery 29’s Roman Rasta.

This brings us to an important note.  Enjoy your coffee however you like it!