Limited Release Inaugural Specialty Brew

Royal Limited

Our first specialty brew is a fitting partnership with Zeke’s Coffee as they prepare for their first Washington DC store opening.  The Junius Royal Limited Brew features Zeke’s Royal Blue roast, named after the first passenger train between NY and DC.  It’s a powerhouse of a brew, distinctly different in flavor from our signature brew.

Royal Limited is smooth, earthy, smoky, and full bodied.  A dark medium roast, the Royal Blue blend combines Indonesian, South American, and Central American Blends – all organic and Fair Trade.

With its stronger flavor, Royal Limited is a great comparison to Rising Sun and it’s bold power is the perfect transition to the Fall.

If you’ve only been icing your Junius, be sure you heat up a cup of the Royal Limited or Rising Sun to check out the awesomeness of cold pressed coffee as a hot cup.  Heating cold brew after the brewing has occurred retains the smoother, flavor packed taste that the cold brew process produces.  You can heat up on the stove or in the microwave.