Signature Cold Brew Launch

Rising Sun

We discovered our signature cold brew bean of choice from a brew of another kind, a collaboration beer between DC Brau and Ska Brewing.  Their Taster’s Choice Dopplebock Style Lager featured a coffee infusion blend from Desert Sun Coffee Roasters and Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company.  We happened to like it, get a few beans passed down, and the rest is history in the making.

Desert Sun is the kind of company we love to work with.  First of all, they’re great people.  They also only use Certified Organic and Fair Trade coffees to create their roasts.  We know the beans that create our signature cold brew have been cared for from the land, the farmer, and Desert Sun’s fantastic roasters.

Our signature cold brew is dark and very smooth.  A blend of 5 roasts ranging from light to dark, the coffee has hints of chocolate and fruit, and a subtle nuttiness.  It’s very easy to drink!

We recommend you try it whichever way sounds good to you.  While brewed cold, coffee concentrates can be enjoyed hot or cold.

To enoy hot:  Simply heat over the stove or in the microwave and add your preferred ingredients.  We recommend that you cut the concentrate 1:1 with water or your choice of milk.

To enjoy cold: Pour over ice, add an equal ammount of water or your choice of milk, and enjoy!