The Perfect Winter Cold Brew Coffee

By the Fire

By the Fire marks our second limited edition brew.  For November and December we have partnered with M.E. Swing Co. to bring you an incredible single-origin Nicaraguan roast that not only makes a wonderful brew, it also has a great backstory.

What makes a perfect winter cold brew coffee for us?  It’s incredibly delicious when enjoyed hot or cold and has flavor notes of caramel, orange and spice that make it impossible to not think of pairing it with all of the season’s pies and breakfasts that remind you of home.

Partnering with M.E. Swing Co. is an honor.  Swing’s coffee roasting is a DC establishment that began in 1916; they are incredibly honed roasters and run two great coffee shops – one near the White House and one in Del Ray.  We are very lucky to have been offered the use of their roast of the Nicaragua Los Papales bean, a bean that they had to wait three years to get.

Los Papales is a repeat winner of the Cup of Excellence award.  Coming from the higher altitudes of Nicaragua, the elevation produces a harder bean, which results in a more complex and nuanced cup.  While we say it has notes of caramel, orange and spice, you can also taste some apple, honey, and creaminess to the coffee.

Another reason we are pleased to work with M.E. Swing and use this particular roast is that it falls within to company’s Home Grown Buying Initiative.  Specifically this is Swing’s commitment to family farms, sustainable practices, re-investment in quality and community, transparent supply chains, and fostering long term relationships.  Sourced through Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, the specific relationship supports social projects such as microcredits to female producers, provision of textbooks to the Las Nubes School, and the providing of technical assistance from farming to milling to increase the quality of coffees.

Everything that went into making this cold brew makes us thankful in the value of personal relationships.  Happy winter!  We hope your time with family and friends adds even more light to the season.