As DC’s oldest cold brew company, we have been serving some of DC’s finest restaurants, tech offices, and local grocers since our first day in business.  We set up custom accounts with retail locations, offices, cafes and restaurants, and will work with you to design the right offering for your establishment.

Our offerings:

  • Junius cold brew kegs: 5 gallon kegs of nitro or regular cold brew
  • Kergerator leasing or advising on kegerator purchasing
  • Junius Rising Sun Cold Brew Concentrate in 16 oz. amber bottles for offices or retail.
  • 10 oz Single serving cold brew, black or with organic whole milk, for retail or one off office breakasts or special events.

What distinguishes Junius?

  • Cold brew is our sole focus.
  • We start with the highest quality, organic, direct trade sourced beans.
  • We have developed a proprietary filter that allows us to glean a super clean cold brew that we’re able to brew 2x longer, which extracts deeper flavors from our selected roasts.
  • We are adamant about customer service and deliver within 1 day of ordering for our clients.

Service Area:

  • DMV

Contact our owner directly at June@JuniusCoffee.com or 202-271-2377.